Daniel F. Lynch
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Daniel F.Lynch

Advocate, teacher, writer and speaker

Daniel F. Lynch is a trial lawyer who has recently written a book on church, state and constitution. As well as practicing law, the Denver attorney is now speaking on and teaching about this current, complex and fascinating topic.

History and goals

Lynch speaks for individual people and their interests. He believes a competent advocate will seek to keep clients out of court, if possible. Sometimes a good settlement is better than an expensive fight. Where settlement is not possible, Lynch represents clients forcefully and without fear. He is an articulate spokesman for individual rights, whether of persons charged with crimes or of people involved in divorce.
While still in law school at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., Lynch served as an aide to a Colorado U.S. senator with responsibility for legislation referred to the Senate judiciary committee. He served at the time of passage of the first civil rights act since the reconstruction era following the Civil War. It was in the context of that struggle that he developed a lifelong commitment to the cause of individual civil rights. In addition to his career as a lawyer, he has been a newspaper editor, publisher and columnist. He continues to provide articles to newspaper editorial pages.
As a former Denver District Attorney Daniel Lynch has prosecuted, and, as private counsel, defended criminal cases ranging from misdemeanors to murder. He has appeared in trials and appeals at all levels in the courts of Colorado, state and federal. For 20 years he also taught real estate law and brokerage. He has represented property owners, contractors and real estate brokers in a variety of real estate related matters both in courts and administrative forums.

Enter church, state and constitution

He has represented people injured by the willful misconduct of others. Once he sued a pastor and a powerful church which had conducted a fund drive, ostensibly to benefit people injured in the earlier financial collapse of a church operated nursing home. He discovered that a third of the money raised was taken by the church and its minister for their own purposes. This was in violation of a promise that every cent would be paid to the people who had been victims of the nursing home's failure. After multi-year litigation and a trip to the Colorado Supreme Court, Lynch obtained a $700,000 settlement for his clients. For his work in that case, Lynch was given the University of Colorado Distinguished Service Award.
The case led to others involving church/state issues and to the need to fully understand the shifting jurisprudence of the First Amendment religion clauses: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof." Lynch has handled precedent setting church/state cases in both the Colorado Supreme Court and the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. He has just completed a book called Church, State & Constitution and conducts continuing legal education courses for lawyers in that subject. The Denver attorney has also taught lawyers the law of evidence and trial tactics. With the assistance of a professional actor, he once taught a course called The Courtroom as Theatre. And, of course, the law is NOT dull. It's drama!

Mr. Lynch is available as a teacher of his course, Church, State & Constitution whenever there is sufficient interest. The course deals with U.S. Supreme Court cases on the First Amendment religon clauses and is applicable and available in any American jurisdiction. Depending on locale, it may be taught in five, three hour segments spread over any desired time period.